Vincenzo Larfoff

Vincenzo Larfoff


Vincenzo Larfoff


Scary Stories


Narrator(aka reader)


David Baddiel

Vincenzo Larfoff: Is the book reader of Scary Stories.


Larfoff is an English Spooky story teller who works with dumb Foley artists, on "Scary Stories". He is a reoccurring character, but he did not appear in Series 4 and Series 5, as he stopped doing "Scary Stories" and stepped down and also managed to burn the Scary Stories book and no one couldn’t stop him.


Vincenzo acts like a scary story teller, using a scary voice when he reads Scary Stories.  He actually is a regular person who sees the endings of Scary Stories stupid, and walks off set.


Vincenzo appears sitting spookily in a spooky stone arm chair, in a spooky room lit by spooky candles (likely to be the candles previously used for the spooky Vicar of Dibley). He wears a spooky white top under a spookily black spooky robe.  Vincenzo wears a dark spooky fabric fez.  He has a spooky dark beard and spooky moustache. He was rated a 9.5 after replying 'x' to a 'x for a rate' on snapchat. Nobody really knows about his legs...because he's always sitting down. But it is said that underneath his spookily black spooky robe he has a (non-spooky) 6-pack after training with Charlotte Crosby's latest workout DVD.


  • The stories he reads, always turn out to be not scary at all
  • Vincenzo said he was going to burn the Scary stories book, after reading a story with a ridiculous ending
  • The Foley artists often screw up the timing with the sound effects
  • He likes donuts
  • At first, many people thought that Vincenzo was being portrayed by Jim Howick
  • As a result of annoyance from the stories, Vincenzo said he wont appear in Series 4 and 5 of Horrible Histories and he managed to burn down the Scary Stories book.


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