HH Twisted Fairytales

Meera Syal

Twisted Fairytales was a recurring sketch series in the first series of Horrible Histories. It consists of a series of fairytales set in a variety of historical settings read by Meera Syal.

List of FairytalesEdit

The Three Little PigsEdit

In this twisted version, the windows in the Three Little Pigs' house are bricked as a result of them not paying the window tax. 

The Princess & the PeaEdit

In this twisted version, the Princess is put to death. Deals with the killing of royal family members. 

The Frog PrinceEdit

Witchcraft involving frogs.

Goldilocks & the Three BearsEdit

In this twisted version, Goldilocks (portrayed by Martha Howe-Douglas) is branded & gets both her hands & ears chopped off as punishments for theft.

The Old Woman Who Lived in a ShoeEdit

Urinating on boots to soften the leather.


Deals with clothes rationing.


In this twisted version, Thumbelina drowns in poo left on the streets. 

The Pied Piper of HamelinEdit

In this twisted version, the Pied Piper (portrayed by Mathew Baynton) arrives too late to save the people from the Black Death... & ends up falling victim to the plague himself.

Sleeping BeautyEdit

Deals with the consequences of disobeying Draco's non-idleness law.

The Ugly DucklingEdit

In this twisted version, the Ugly Duckling ends up getting eaten by the Royals, who were the only people allowed to eat swans. 


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