Issue 1

The Gory Glory Of Rome is the first magazine of the Horrible Histories Collection.


  • Terrible Times: Rome Sweet Rome - Rome wasn't built in a day - and it's not surprising with such shifty shenanigans!
  • Who's Who? The Evil Emperors: What was it about Roman Emperors that made them quite so barmy?
  • Front Page News: Rome Burns! - Exclusive: Read all about it...Emperor Nero denies the charges. Yeah, right!
  • Petrifying Places: a) The Colosseum. Grab a ring-side seat for the cruellest show around - if you can handle it. b) Gruesome Gladiators - battles and terrifying torture - all in a day's work for these prize fighters.
  • Life and Strife: a) Downtown in Rotten Rome - hold your nose and find out what life was really like in the streets of Rome. b) A Kid's Life! - Surviving your early years in Roman times wasn't exactly child's play. Find out why! c) Woeful Women - Ten terrible reasons why you wouldn't want to be a woman in ancient Rome. d) Foul Feasts - Anyone for pig's udder pie? Feast your eyes on a typical Roman scoff-athon.
  • 6. Awesome activities: Puzzles: Give your brain a workout and scare yourself witless.

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