New Edition of Terrifying Tudors


Terry Deary

Original title

Even More Terrible Tudors


Martin Brown

Cover artist

Martin Brown


Main Series



Publication date

18th of September 1998


128 (Original), 144 (Book Makeover), 240 (New Edition)

Chapter count



9781407135786 (new edition)


Cover for Terrifying Tudors


Original Cover of Terrifying Tudors (Titled "Even More Terrible Tudors"

51 kT1iQE7L SL500 AA300

Cover of 20th anniversary edition of Terrifying Tudors

Terrifying Tudors is the second Horrible Histories based on Tudors (The first being Terrible Tudors) Terrifying Tudors was first published as Even More Terrible Tudors. It was released as a sequel to Terrible Tudors and was written for the 10th anniversary. It will be revised for younger readers for the 20th anniversary of Horrible Histories.


Terry Deary Takes you back for another look at the mad Tudor monarchs and their suffering subjects, who just could not help losing their heads. Read on for information about the good times and the gory from the great goose fairs to the painful punishments and trickery of the ruthless royal family.


  • Introduction - 5
  • Henry The Mean Monarch - 7
  • Horrible Henry - 16
  • Little Ed - 37
  • Misery Mary - 46
  • Bad Bess - 69
  • Epilogue - 126
  • Grisly Quiz (Only For Terrifying Tudors) - 129
  • Interesting Index (Only For Terrifying Tudors) - 137


  • ISBN: 1407104225
  • Paperback
  • 144 pages (240 for 20th anniversary edtion and 128 for Even More Terrible Tudors)
  • Release: Even More Terrible Tudors: 18th September 1998, Terrifying Tudors: 5th January 2009, 20th Anniversary Edition: 4th February 2013.
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Dimensions (For Terrifying Tudors): 13 x 1 x 19.8 cm

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