Simon Farnaby portraying Emperor Caligula

Simon Farnaby Simon Is one of the six main Horrible Histories actors,he appears alongside fellow actors Laurence Rickard, Ben Willbond, Jim Howick, Mat Baynton, and Martha Howe-Douglas. In the series, he is best known for playing the not-so-scary, reoccuring Grim Reaper and Caligula ("BIGGER THAN ME??!")

In 2013, Farnaby followed Philippa Langley's search for King Richard III's body, narrated and appeared in the documentary Richard III: The King in the Car Park. 

Personal Life and fun factsEdit

  • Farnaby is the tallest of the six main Horrible Histories actors. 
  • He has a dalamation named Dotty, who made her acting debut in an episode of Horrible Histories and came with him to the filming studios.  
  • Since he was a child, the story of Richard III has fascinated him.
  • In a recent interview in 2013, Willbond revealed that Farnaby and his wife were soon expecting a child
  • He portrayed the paranoid Roman Emperor Tiberius in addition to Caligula.

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