Scrappus Rattus

Rattus Rattus and his Nephew Scrappus Rattus.


Zoomed in on Scrappus, to show his facial looks.

Horrible histories series 4 episode 13 savage song by kaitlynnnicole-dc3gt2h

Rattus and Scrappus together.

Horrible histories series 4 episode 13 savage song by kaitlynnnicole-dc3gt3b

Rattus and Scrappus Eating.


Scrappus being punished by his Uncle Rattus, for misbehaving.

Scrappus Rattus: is the nephew of Rattus Rattus, he is not reoccurring, unlike his uncle. He is seen in the Savage songs, special episode of Horrible Histories

  • According to Rattus, Scrappus likes Gore and is easily distracted.
  • According to Rattus again, Scrappus loves American stuff.
  • By the way he is shown in part of the episode, you could consider him clumsy.
  • Rattus put his nephew Scrappus in a cage because he was misbehaving.
  • Scrappus likes running off.
  • Rattus Rattus was trying to use the songs to distract Scrappus.
  • Rattus calls Scrappus "Nibbles."