Sam Peabody
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Hello and welcome to the News At When


Samuel-Marie Katherine Elizabeth Peabody


Horrible Histories Television News (HHTV News)




Mike Peabody (Brother)

Portrayed By

Martha Howe-Douglas

"Here with more details is Bob Hale with the ... report, Bob" -Sam

Samuel-Marie Katherine Elizabeth "Sam" Peabody: Is the main news anchor of HHTV News.  She introduces Bob Hale's and Mike Peabody's reports.


She was born and raised in the UK. She works with Bob Hale and her brother at HHTV News. She is a newsreader, and a recurring character.


Sam has brown hair cut in a bob cut.  She usually wears a dark short sleeve dress.  Other times Sam wears a grey or cream blouse.


  • Bob Hale is the oldest human Sam has ever met
  • At the end of one broadcast, she had evolved three arms, to the horror of Bob Hale.
  • Her last name is Peabody. 
  • She is Mike Peabody's sister, not his wife.
  • She is not single. If you look closely, Sam wears a wedding band on her ring finger, which is most likely because her actress did not take it off for the shoot.
  • She is most commonly referred to in the broadcasts as 'Sam'.

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