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Rattus Rattus is the talking rat host of the Horrible Histories Sketch series. He is performed by John Eccleston, assisted by Scott Brooker.  He is a reoccurring character


He has a nephew called Scrappus, who visits Rattus during the Series 4 Savage Songs Compilation.[1]


Rattus has a sense of humor that, like Bob Hale's, is funny but rotten to the "audience".


  • He has a pet flea named Marcus
  • He once thought he was going deaf but actually he just had poo in his ears
  • He takes a bath, once every other year
  • He has a girlfriend called Ratilie.
  • He's a serial killer, he's the one that killed Queen Victoria.
  • Sorry to break it down to you but sadly he's not a rat he's a puppet, I know, I know I feel your pain.



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