Here you can see results of polls that have been done in the past.

Poll #1Edit

Which is your favourite Horrible Histories civilisation/era?

Gorgeous Georgians (2 votes)
Woeful second world war cover

Terrible Tudors (2 votes)

Smashing Saxons (no votes)

Rotten Romans (no votes)

Putrid Pirates (no votes)

Measly Middle Ages (1 vote)

Awesome USA (no votes)

Groovy Greeks (no votes)

Woeful Second World War (1 votes)

Frightful First World War (no votes)
Terrible Tudors

Incredible Incas (no votes)

Angry Aztecs (1 vote)

Awful Egyptians (no votes)

Other (no votes)

It turned out the the gorgeous Georgians and the Terrible Tudors were the most popular, as they both got two votes each, more than any other civilisation/era.

Poll #2Edit

What is your favourite song from Series 3?

Dick Turpin the Highway Man Song (1 vote)

English Kings and Queens Song (3 votes)

William Wallace Scottish Rebel Song (no votes)

Work Terrible Work! Song (no votes)

Ra, Ra Cleopatra Song (no votes)

Richard III Song (1 vote)
Ekaqs horrrible histories

Bad Roman Emperors Song (1 vote)

The Suffragette Song (no votes)

Ain't Staying Alive Song (1 vote)

English Civil War Song (1 vote)

Ages of Stone Song (no votes)

Celtic Boast Battle (no votes)

This time it turned out that the English Kings and Queens song was the favourite out of our voters!

Poll #3Edit

Who is your favourite commonly appearing character in Horrible Histories?

Henry VIII (no votes)

Elizabeth I (no votes)

Bob Hale (6 votes)

Charles II (no votes)

Grim Reaper (3 votes)
Bob hale HH

George VI (1 vote)

George I (no votes)

George III (no votes)

Cleopatra (no votes)

Mary Seacole (1 vote)

Florence Nightingale (no votes)

Caligula (no votes)

Cliff Whiteley (no votes)

William the Conqueror (no votes)

After a week of voting is seemed that with 6 votes, Bob Hale is the overall favourite out of our voters!

Poll #4Edit

Who is your favourite Horrible Histories actor?

Matthew Bayton (5 votes)

Laurence Rickard (2 votes)
Matthew BAYNTon

Ben Willbond (1 vote)

Simon Farnaby (1 vote)

Martha Howe-Douglas (no votes)

Jim Howick (no votes)

Lawry Lewin (no votes)

Sarah Hadland (no votes)

Other (no votes)

So, after another week of voting, it turned out that Matthew Bayton was the favourite actor out of our voters!

Poll #5Edit

Which do you prefer in Horrible Histories - Twisted Fairytales or Scary Stories?

Twisted Fairytales (2 votes)

Scary Stories (12 votes)

So, after yet another week of voting, it seems Scary Stories was the favourite out of our voters!

Poll #6Edit

What is your favourite Savage Song from series 4?

RAF Pilot Song (1 vote)

Natural Selection (no votes)

Greek Thinkers (1 vote)

Pilgrim Fathers Rap (no votes)

Mary Seacole Song (1 votes)

Victoria and Albert (no votes)
Borgia family

Blue Blooded Blues (1 vote)

Luddites (no votes)

The Borgia Family Song (7 votes)

Mary I song (no votes)

William Shakespeare and the Quills (no votes)

Nelson's Navy Song (no votes)

So, after yet another week of voting, The Borgia Family Song turned out to be the most popular out of our voters!

Poll #7Edit

Horrible histories series3 b
Which is your favourite Horrible Histories series so far?

Series 1 (1 vote)

Series 2 (1 vote)

Series 3 (8 votes)

Series 4 (2 votes)

So. after 25 days of voting, Series 3 cames out tops!

Poll #8Edit

What book-based historical theme to you want BBC to create next for the Horrible Histories TV show?


Russia (16 votes)

Ireland (3 votes)

British Empire (8 votes)

Poland (3 votes)

Czech Republic (1 vote)

Turkey (2 votes)

Wales (1 vote)

Maya (2 votes)

After quite a while of voting, Russia is the theme that got the most votes!

Poll #9Edit

Which of these recurring sketches is your favourite?

Stupid Deaths (7 votes)

Bob Hale's Reports (23 votes)
Bob hale

Historical Wife Swap (2 votes)

Shouty Man (5 votes)

Historical Come Dine With Me (2 votes)

Historical Paramedics (1 vote)

HH Movie Pitch (1 vote)

Historical Apprentice (1 vote)

HHTV News/Sport (1 vote)

Scary Stories (1 vote)

Other (1 vote)

After months of voting, Bob Hale's Reports turned out to be the most popular sketch!