Cashier at Historical pet Shop

Pet Store owner[1]

Pet Shop owner




Historical Pet shop


Owner and/or cashier Lady


Martha Howe-Douglas

Pet Shop Cashier: Works at the pet shop that historical people go to to buy animals for strange reasons.


Eventually the cashier gets used to Historical people coming in and asking for animals to do strange things, she usually asks why they want an animal.  She is reoccuring.


She is an animal lover. She doesn't let animals be bought by the wrong people. She can get aggressive when historical people don't leave her shop.


The Pet Shop Cashier wears a white shirt under a blue sweater. She leaves her wavy ginger hair down and has black glasses


  • Prince Rupert came to buy a poodle that does a dance when he hear the name "Charles"(for King Charles II)
  • At the beginning of every sketch, the lady is talking to someone on the store phone, only to end the call after being told a bad animal related joke
  • She once slapped two Stuart men's faces with a crocodile squeaky toy
  • She's visited by historical people from many different eras (like Saxon, Stuart, Georgian)
  • She eventually put a sign on her shop saying "No Historical People Allowed"
  • She has a dachshund named Moppy
  • She hates wasps


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