"On this day" is a feature on the Horrible Histories Website. It tells of a horrible historical deed that happened on the occuring date.

Below is an archive of old "On this days", sorted by the month.

March 2011Edit

Tuesday 1Edit

St David's Day

smelled him).

Wednesday 2Edit


London. Sir Edmund Halley is well known for his astronomy. He gave his name to astronomy – and the astronomy. But this month Halley sees a glow-worm in his telescope.

Thursday 3Edit


Scotland is born. The man is not bothered by this – he is dead[1]

Friday 4Edit


The old joke is that 57 people died building the bridge.

Saturday 5Edit


The editor of a Texas paper suggests you ‘Club Baby Seals to Death’.

Sunday 6Edit


A Mexican army attacks The Mexican , so who won? The answer is American writers and film-makers who had a quick and deadly sting.

Monday 7Edit



Tuesday 8Edit


Over 300 slaves had already died in chains.

Wednesday 9Edit


Edinburgh, Scotland. Mary marries the man

Thursday 10Edit


Kansas, USA. Doctor York tells his friends that he is going to the Bender

Friday 11Edit


Britain. National No Smoking Day. This campaign is organized by Action on Smoking and Health – ASH. But they’re a week too late. 50,000 have given up No Smoking Day.

Saturday 12Edit


Bermuda. The island of Bermuda

Sunday 13Edit


St Petersburg, Russia. At a parade a terrorist throws a bomb

Monday 14Edit


Portsmouth, England. Bang-byng!

Tuesday 15Edit

55 BC

Roman leader Julius Caesar goes to the Senate even though he’s poorly – Caesar is A 300-metre tall lump of metal

Wednesday 16Edit

AD 37

Patrick stops breathing and is declared dead . . . then he sits up and demands A 300-metre tall lump of metal

Thursday 17Edit

St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s


  1. Caine, Michael. Not A lot Of People Know That. 1988

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