Mike Peabody
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Mike Peabody


Horrible Histories Television News(HHTV News)


Journalist, reporter, correspondent

Portrayed By

Ben Willbond

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Mike during the Battle of Thermopylae

"This is Mike Peabody reporting for HHTV News in... really wishing I was somewhere else" -Mike Peabody

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Michael Benjamin Everett "Mike" Peabody: Is the main correspondent for HHTV News.  He is sent to report, live, on dangerous events.  


Not much is known about Mike except that he's from the United Kingdom.  He works alongside Bob Hale and his sister as a live-on-scene reporter for HHTV News.  He, like most of the HHTV News crew, is a reoccurring character

He is portrayed by Ben Willbond.


Peabody is willing to put himself in "danger" to get an interview with persons during the event, that he was sent to. That or he's just assigned to that report and regrets it later.


Mike sometimes wears a flak jacket over his dark green shirt, other times he wears a blue vest over his blue shirt with his jeans.


  • Mike Peabody tried keep off closing in Roundheads with a butter knife
  • Mike got shot in the front with many arrows during the Battle of Thermopylae, but he survived
  • Sam, the HHTV news feeder, is his sister
  • He managed to escape burning scaffolding
  • He escaped plague ridden London
  • He tried to hold off a heavily armed Viking with a threat that he would tickle him.

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