Horrible Histories Series 5 is the last series of Horrible Histories and will consist of 13 episodes. All thirteen episodes have now  aired.


  • Rosa Parks: I Sat On A Bus, parody of "Respect" by "Aretha Franklin"
  • Vik-Eng-Land by Viking and Gurfunkel, parody of "Simon and Garfunkel"
  • The Life Of Charles Dickens, parody of "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now and "This Charming Man" by "The Smiths"
  • Marcus Crassus Lincus: I'm Minted, parody of "Bonkers" by "Dizzee Rascal"
  • Joan Of Arc, parody of "Price Tag" by "Jessie J" and "B.o.B"
  • Alexander The Great, parody of "stadium rock"
  • Owain Glydwr, parody of "Kiss" and "Delila" by "Tom Jones"
  • Pioneers of Transportation!, parody of "Grease Lightning" in "Grease"
  • Henry VII: I'm The Original (Tu-Tu-Tu-)Tudor, parody of "Blockbuster" by "Sweet"
  • Matilda and Stephen, parody of various "ABBA" songs
  • Australia, parody of various "Kylie Minogue" songs
  • We're History

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