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Unseen Sketches are additional sketches included in the extras on the DVDs of Series Two, Three and Four.

Series 2Edit

  • Cliff Whitely: Queen Victoria's Nationality
  • Middle Ages medics Dr.Do'om and Dr. De'ath: Mr Grub - St Anthony's Fire
  • Roman Army retirement Plan
  • Scary Stories - The Visions of Mother Shipton
  • Dr Do'om and Dr De'ath: Mr Peasant - Mouth abscess causing toothache
  • Stupid Deaths - Aldof Frederick
  • Dr Do'om and Dr De'ath: Mr Brown - Infected scratch on arm[N 1]

Series 3Edit

  • Angry Aztecs: Chocolate as currency/HHTV Sport: Ullamaliztli/Historical Headteacher
  • Vile Victorians: Stamp collecting
  • Awful Egyptians: Horrible Points of View /Royal bum wiper
  • Smashing Saxons: Historical Pet Shop
  • Rotten Romans: Historical Shopping Channel/Roman Circus/HHTV Sport - First time Chariot Racer

Series 4Edit

  • Wicked Whitches: Historical Dates - Witchfinder general
  • Radical Renaissance: Renaissance Dragon's den - Leonardo da Vinci/Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
  • Measly Middle Ages: Historical Dentists
  • Groovy Greeks: Plague/Xerxes' failed invasion


  1. This sketch ends with another patient asking about a cure for the Black Death, prompting Dr De'ath to re-enter the room and announce that he will clear his diary

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