Horrible Histories - Series 5, Episode 12
Season Five, Episode Twelve
HH S5 E12
Air date 16 July 2013
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Horrible Histories Series 5 Episode 12 was the 64th and last regular Horrible Histories episode, the twelfth episode of series 5, and first aired on 16 July 2013.

This episode features the whole of history being explained in one huge finale song, a female dinosaur expert selling seashells down by the sea shore, and a handsome scientist reveals the Wonders of the Greek Universe..

The sketches featured are:

Vile Victorians: "Good Day Magazine". Mary Anning.

Groovy Greeks: Words we get from the Greeks. Wonders of the Greek Universe.

Awful Egyptians: HH Movie Pitch: Ramesses II, Building Site Queue.

Troublesome 20th Century: HHTV News: The Space Race Report

Measly Middle Ages: Making It in the Middle Ages, Stupid Deaths: John of Bohemia.

Woeful Second World War: Carlton Ladies Club (animated), Homefront Gardening.

Potty Pioneers: "We're History" - the finale song.

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