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Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 8

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Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 8
Season Four, Episode Eight
Luddite song
Air date 4 May 2012
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This episode includes Viking courting and marriage traditions, training methods used by the Crusaders to deal with monsters and birds relaying messages from the Greek Gods.

The sketches featured are:

Vicious Vikings: Wonders of the Viking Universe. Viking courting and marriage traditions.

Rotten Romans: Nero meets the victims of the Great fire of Rome. HH Games: Scorpius Chariot Racer.

Nasty Knights: Stupid Deaths; Richard the Lionheart. Crusader training course on monsters. Mellified man.

Georgeous Georgous: Historical Apprentice; Agricultural Revolution. Luddities (song).

Groovy Greeks: Bird Messengers from the gods. Shouty Man; New Aceint Greek Tattoo messenger.

Terrible Tudors: Historical Dentist. Behind the Throne' The Groom of the Stool.

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