Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 7
Season Four, Episode Seven
Blue Blooded Blues
Air date 27 April 2012
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Horrible Histories Series 4, Episode 6 was the 46th Horrible Histories episode.

This episode includes a guide on how to survive serving in Napoleon's army, the truth about Major Martin of MI5 and a snowball fight at an execution.

The sketches featured are:

Gorgeous Georgians: Survival guide for Napoleon's army. HHTV Sport; Napoleon's chess match against the Mechanical Turk. HH Productions; Waterloo.

Vile Victorians: Victorian fashions. Dodgy Inventions No 84; The Bessemer (animated)

Rotten Romans: The Praetorian Guard. Shouty Man; New Emperor Statue.

Shocking Scotland: Historical Dates; Mary, Queen of Scots. Blue Blooded Blues (song).

Woeful Second World War: MI5's Major Martin. Historical Masterchef: Berlin housewife.

Measly Middle Ages: Snowball fight at the Earl of Lancaster's execution. Stupid Deaths; Richard the Raker.

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