Horrible Histories - Series 4, Episode 2
Season Four, Episode Two
Air date 10 April 2012
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Horrible Histories Series 4, Episode 2 was the 41st Horrible Histories episode, the second of series 4, and first aired on 10th April 2012 on the CBBC.

This episode includes Henry VIII appearing on a TV show hoping to raise money from his antique abbeys, Charles Darwin singing about his theory of Natural Selection, and a pirate captain aiming to be Lord Sugar's next Historical Apprentice.

The sketches featured are:

Vile Victorians: Victoria and Albert's love story

Terrible Tudors: Martin Luther's strange office, Henry VIII goes on Cash in the Abbey, Hide and Priest game.

Savage Stone Age: HHTV News - Bob Hale's report on the evolution of man, Charles Darwin's Natural Selection song

Putrid Pirates: Historical Apprentice

Woeful Second World War: British train stations, WWII cars

Slimy Stuarts: Oh Yea! Magazine - Nell G and Charles II's dinner party.

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