Horrible Histories - Series 3, Episode 4
Season Three, Episode Four
Air date 2 June 2011
Written by Dave Cohen, Gerard Foster, Giles Pilbrow, Laurence Rickard, Colin Swash, & Ben Ward
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Horrible Histories - Series 3, Episode 4 was the 30th episode of Horrible Histories, having first aired on the 2nd of June, 2011, on the CBBC.

This episode includes an unusual Stuart highwayman not always stealing cash, a modern detective struggling to solve a series of murders in Emperor Caligula's house, HHTV going undercover to prove allegations of cheating in Middle Ages jousting tournaments, & King George IV meeting his dead relatives.

Sketches Edit

Slimy Stuarts Edit

The Good Highwayman James Hind Edit

Eccentric highwayman James Hind refuses to steal from Royalists.

Charles II's Crowning Gift Edit

Charles II is less than impressed with his coronation gift.

Measly Middle Ages Edit

Historical Fashion Fix Edit

Middle Ages Peasant Edit

A peasant’s transformation into a nobleman is so good it’s literally illegal.

Leech Collecting Edit

A leech collector inadvertently ends up demonstrating the job to a skeptical pal.

Rotten Romans Edit

Historical Crime SquadEdit

The case of Caligula & the mystery assassinsEdit

Video GameEdit

Arena FighterEdit

Roman God Body InspectorsEdit

Making sure gladiator casualties were really dead.

Vile VictoriansEdit

Quiz QuestionEdit

During Queen Victoria's reign, how old were the youngest chimney sweeps? 

A: 12
B: 9
C: 4


Main article: Work, Terrible Work!

Nasty KnightsEdit

HHTV InvestigatesEdit

Cheating in the age of chivalryEdit

Stupid DeathsEdit

Knights TemplarEdit

Groovy GreeksEdit

Words We Get From HistoryEdit

More Words We Get From The GreeksEdit
  • Trophy

Historical Head TeachersEdit

Spartan Mr. Brasidas is pleased to learn a student’s been stealing.

True or FalseEdit

In the cold winter, Spartan children were made to sleep outside on beds of thistles. 

Gorgeous GeorgiansEdit

George IV: Who on Earth Are You?Edit

The newly crowned King takes a genealogist on a most unusual tour of the family tombs (parody of Who Do You Think You Are?). 


Slimy Stuarts Measly Middle Ages Rotten Romans Vile Victorians Nasty Knights Groovy Greeks Gorgeous Georgians
The Good Highwayman James Hind Charles II's Crowning Gift Historical Fashion Fix Leech Collecting Historical Crime Squad Video Game Roman God Body Inspectors Song HHTV Investigates Stupid Deaths Words We Get From History Historical Head Teachers George IV: Who on Earth Are You?
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Rattus Rattus (voiced by John Eccleston)
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