Horrible Histories - Series 3, Episode 3
Season Three, Episode Three
Series 3 ep 3
Air date 1 June 2011
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Horrible Histories Series 3, Episode 3 was the 29th Horrible Histories episode and first aired on 1st June 2011 on the CBBC.

This episode includes a confused World War I soldier spending his first day in the trenches, William Wallace launching his music career as a rock rebel, Lady Jane Grey winning a frankly terrible competition, and the Welsh women of Fishguard defeating a French invasion without even trying.

The sketches featured are:

Frightful First World War: First Day in the Trenches and Shouty Man: World War One WeeWee

Smashing Saxons: Invasion, Invasion, Invasion

Slimy Stuarts: Scary Stories: Evil Edmund and Historical Paramedics

Measly Middle Ages: Stupid Deaths: James II of Scotland and William Wallace Song

Terrible Tudors: Queen for Nine Days and the Invention of the English Mile

Fabulous French: HHTV News: 1: Bob Hale's French Revolution Report and 2: Napoleon's Failed Invasion of England

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