Horrible Histories - Series 3, Episode 10
Season Three, Episode Ten
Air date 12 July 2011
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Horrible Histories Series 3, Episode 10 was the 36th Horrible Histories episode and first aired on 12th July 2011 on the CBBC.

This episode includes some First World War soldiers trying some very unusual ways to cure frostbite in the winter. Plus, the not-at-all romantic movie starring William the Conqueror, the story of Aztec Emperor Motecuhzoma, and a strange Stuart doctor taking a snooze during the middle of a battle.

The sketches featured are:

Frightful First World War: A winter in the trenches and Historical Masterchef

Smashing Saxons: HHTV News: Norman report, Mud & Matilda and words we get from the Normans

Gorgeous Georgians: Going to a hospital and Solomon's Live (Not So Very) Long Water

Angry Aztecs: Scary Stories: The Mystery of Motecuhzoma and Warrior: Spanish conquistador and Aztec

Rotten Romans: Danke magazine and the fall of Rome

Slimy Stuarts: William Harvey's research and English Civil War Song