Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 6
Season Two, Episode Six
Air date 8 June 2010
Written by Lucy Clarke, Dave Cohen, Gerard Foster, Jon Holmes, Greg Jenner, Giles Pilbrow, Laurence Rickard
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Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 6 was the 19th episode of the Horrible Histories TV series, having first aired on the 8th of June, 2010, on the CBBC.

This episode includes the Ug & Ugio families going head to head on Stone Age Family Fortunes, mad King George III's doctors are even madder than he is, & Emperor Elagabalus launching his pranktastic Roman lottery.

Sketches Edit

Gorgeous Georgians Edit

King George III's royal physician Edit

Mad King George III’s royal physicians torture him in the name of treatment.

Ready Steady Feast Edit

King George III Edit

On the run from the cure, the King pauses to plant a beef loin.

Rotten Romans Edit

Emperor Elagabalus' Romo Lottery Millions Edit

Emperor Elagabalus’ Romo Lottery Millions–with luck, your prize won’t be poisonous.

Emperor Tiberius lives in fear of assassinationEdit

Paranoid Emperor Tiberius is suspicious of a Capresi peasant bearing gifts

Smashing SaxonsEdit

Weather forecastEdit

Saxon weather forecast

A Saxon farmer wards off ghostsEdit

A farmer hasn’t quite thought through his latest attempt to ward off ghosts.

Anglo-Saxon Famine solutionsEdit

Suggestions for coping with famine

Putrid PiratesEdit


Main article: Blackbeard's Song

Perilous Pirate Blackbeard sings about he got his fame-& name-in his own song.

Awesome USAEdit

Stupid DeathsEdit

Clement VallandighamEdit

Dodgy War TacticsEdit

No. 23: Battle of the CraterEdit

Savage Stone AgeEdit


Trepanadol, the surefire headache cure

Stoneage Family FortunesEdit

European & Peruvian tribes compete on “Stone Age Family Fortunes”. (A parody of Family Fortunes

Vile VictoriansEdit

Cliff WhitelyEdit

Cliff advises Florence Nightingale & Mary Seacole.

Victorian schoolchildren learn by repetitionEdit

School children forced to learn by rote turn the tables on their teacher.


Gorgeous Georgians Rotten Romans Smashing Saxons Putrid Pirates Awesome USA Savage Stone Age Vile Victorians
King George III's royal physician Ready Steady Feast Emperor Elagabalus' Romo Lottery Millions Emperor Tiberius lives in fear of assassination Saxon weather forecast A Saxon farmer wards of ghosts Anglo-Saxon Famine solutions Song Stupid Deaths Dodgy War Tactics Trepandol Stoneage Family Fortunes Cliff Whiteley Victorian school children learn by repetition
Mathew Baynton x x
Simon Farnaby x x
Sarah Hadland
Martha Howe-Douglas x x x
Jim Howick x x x
Laurence Rickard x
Ben Willbond
Susie Donkin
Lawry Lewin
Alice Lowe x x
Nathaniel Martello-White
Dominique Moore x
Daniel Taylor
Giles Terera
Katy Wix
David Baddiel
Terry Deary
Alexei Sayle
Rattus Rattus (voiced by John Eccleston)
Jon Culshaw
Jess Robinson
Dave Lamb


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