Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 4
Season Two, Episode Four
Air date 3 June 2010
Written by Mathew Baynton, Dave Cohen, Gerard Foster, Greg Jenner, Giles Pilbrow, Laurence Rickard, Ben Ward, & Ben Willbond
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Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 4 was the 17th episode of the Horrible Histories TV series, having first aired on the 3rd of June, 2010, on the CBBC.

This episode includes Britain's greatest sailor, Admiral Nelson, turning out to be horribly seasick, two doctors from the Middle Ages arguing over how to treat a patient, discovering the many uses for an Incan llama, & the World War 2 Girls singing about Girl Power on the Home Front.


Gorgeous GeorgiansEdit

Horatio Nelson gets seasickEdit

Legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson turns out to be a trifle less than physically impressive.

HHTV NewsEdit

Public Execution of Jack Sheppard, escape-artistEdit

The public execution of escape artist Jack Sheppard.

Measly Middle AgesEdit

Historical HospitalEdit

Dr. Nutberg, European physician, & Dr. Usmar, Arabian healerEdit

Dr. Nutberg, a European physician, & Dr. Usmar (portrayed by Alexei Sayle), an Arabian healer, clash over treatment philosophies. 

Stupid DeathsEdit

Humphrey de BohunEdit

Incredible IncasEdit

Historical Shopping ChannelEdit

Inca HourEdit


Stay Calmer When You Want to Harm a LlamaEdit

Vile VictoriansEdit

Scary StoriesEdit

The Cabinet of MysteryEdit

Tapeworm trapsEdit

A con-artist sells tapeworm traps.

Victorian beer (Advertisement)Edit

Pioneering epidemiologist John Snow refuses to endorse the ‘health benefits’ of New! Victorian Beer.

Groovy GreeksEdit

HHTV SportEdit

The Siege of Troy: Paris VS AchillesEdit

Live from the Siege of Troy. 

Dodgy War InventionsEdit

No. 14: Elephant warfareEdit

Woeful Second World WarEdit

Churchhill's D-Day plansEdit

Winston Churchill plans D-Day late into the night, much to the dismay of his secretary & a general


Main article: The World War Two Girls

Meet the World War Two girls, whose lives were changed forever when war broke out.


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