Horrible Histories - Series 2, Episode 11
Season Two, Episode Eleven
Air date 13 July 2010
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Horrible Histories Series 2, Episode 11 was the 24th Horrible Histories TV series episode and first aired on 13th July 2010 on the CBBC.

This episode includes Barmy Roman emperor Caligula failing to invade Britain, King Henry VIII playing tennis while Anne Boleyn is executed, and some Saxon monks throwing a party.

The sketches that are featured are:

Rotten Romans: Caligula and Mr. Hand and Roman Army

Measly Middle Ages: The Plague Report, Scottish Invasion and My Big Fat (Medieval Scottish) Wedding

Smashing Saxons: The Monk Song

Awful Egyptians: Ready Steady FEAST: Peasant Food and Pyramid Weekly

Awesome USA: Dodgy War Inventions No. 21: the Ironclad Ship and General Stonewall 'Narcoleptic' Jackson

Groovy Greeks: Spartan School and Stupid Deaths: Draco

Terrible Tudors: HHTV News: Bob Hale’s Catholic Report and Henry’s Tennis Execution

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