Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 9[1]
Season One, Episode Nine
Air date 11 June 2009
Written by Terry Deary
Directed by Chloe Thomas
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Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 9 was the ninth episode of the Horrible Histories (TV series), having first aired on the 11th of June, 2009, on the CBBC.

This episode includes a Victorian inspector checking that school is suitably nice, HHTV News reporting live from the Great Plague, & Thumbelina drowning unpleasantly.

Sketches Edit

Terrible Tudors Edit

Weather Forecast Edit

Twisted Fairytales Edit

Thumbelina Edit

In this twisted version, Thumbelina drowns in poo left on the streets.

Vile Victorians Edit

Shouty Man Edit

Victorian Child Chimney Cleaner Edit

Victorian school punishments Edit

An inspector gets a rundown from strict teachers on school punishments.

Rotten Romans Edit

Roman Gods Direct Edit

Make all your wishes come true (sort of) with Roman Gods Direct.

Roman Gods Edit

A general tries desperately to appease all the right gods prior to battle.

Vicious Vikings Edit

Words We Get From the Vikings Edit

Vikings didn't have horns on their helmets (Animation)Edit

Debunking the myth of horned helmets.

Terrible TeachersEdit

Main article: It's Not True!

A teacher is being arrested for teaching false historical facts to her students.

Groovy GreeksEdit

Historical Wife SwapEdit

The Athenians swap with The SpartansEdit

A couple of the effete Athenians trade places with the legendarily tough Spartans. 

Slimy StuartsEdit

HHTV NewsEdit

The Great Plague of LondonEdit

Mike Peabody reports on efforts to cope with the Great Plague of London. 

Ye Sun Newspaper: Plague SpecialEdit

Parody of The Sun newspaper. 

Ready Steady FeastEdit

Thomas Farriner & Samuel PepysEdit

In a special episode, Thomas Farriner hosts the show explaining how to cook London! Special guest Samuel Pepys then arrives.


Terrible Tudors Vile Victorians Rotten Romans Vicious Vikings Terrible Teachers Groovy Greeks Slimy Stuarts
Weather Forecast Twisted Fairytales Shouty Man Victorian school punishments Roman Gods Direct Roman Gods Words We Get From the Vikings Hornless Helmets Song Historical Wife Swap HHTV News Ye Sun Newspaper Ready Steady Feast
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Ben Willbond x
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Katy Wix
Terry Deary
Meera Syal x
Rattus Rattus (voiced by John Eccleston)
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