Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 8
Season One, Episode Eight
Ep8 image
Air date 4 June 2009
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Horrible Histories Series 1, Episode 8 was the eighth Horrible Histories (TV series) episode and first aired on the 4th June 2009 on the CBBC.

This episode includes the Saxons exchanging disgusting Christmas presents and a caveman going on a TV cookery show. Plus, discover the bizarre causes of World War I.

The sketches that are featured are:

Vicious Vikings: Stupid Deaths: Edmund II and Valhalla Tours

Savage Stone Age: Caveman Love (song, 2 parts) and Ready Steady Feast: Stone Age Special

Rotten Romans: Trailer for The Battle of Avaricum and the Invention of Decimation

Smashing Saxons: Historical Hairdressers and Presents of Poo

Gorgeous Georgians: Georgian Food and Georgian Dentists

Frightful First World War: The Cause of WWI and The Fighter Plane

Measly Middle Ages: Confusing Wat Tyler and The Rules of Chivalry

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