Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 3
Season One, Episode Three
Episode3 image
Air date 30 April 2009
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Horrible Histories Series 1, Episode 3 was the third Horrible Histories (TV series) episode and first aired on 30th April 2009 on the CBBC.

This episode includes a Roman emperor finding a nasty alternative to candles, an Egyptian tring to save money on mummification, and the Roundheads and Cavaliers taking part in Historical Wife Swap.

The sketches that are featured are:

Wicked Witches: Witchfinder's Direct, Twisted Fairytales: The Frog Prince and The Middle Ages Witch Craft Show

Vicious Vikings: Viking Beliefs , Eric and Asgot and Valhalla or Hell

Potty Pioneers: Captain Scott and the South Pole Race

Awful Egyptians: The Making a Mummy song, The History of Mummies and Shouty Man: All Purpose Ancient Egyptian Mummy

Rotten Romans: Nero's Christian Candles and Rattus fantasizes : HHTV Sport: Lions vs. Christians

Slimy Stuarts: HHTV News: Charles I's Execution and Historical Wife Swap: Puritans and Restorers

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