Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 2
Season One, Episode Two
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Air date 23 April 2009
Written by Mark Blakewill, Lucy Clarke, James Harris, George Poles, Steve Punt, George Sawyer, & Ben Ward
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Horrible Histories Series 1, Episode 2 was the second Horrible Histories(TV series) episode & first aired on 23 April 2009 on the CBBC.

This episode includes a Stone Age doctor trying to help a modern patient, a whining Pharaoh inventing the pyramid, & Henry VIII meeting his dead friends.

Sketches Edit

Measly Middle Ages Edit

Shouty Man Edit

Pee-sil Non-Bio Laundry Detergent Edit

Two-parts; a parody of Persil

Middle Aged Public Toilets Edit

City officials discuss how to curb defecating out of windows–while walking below them.

Savage Stone Age Edit

Historical Hospital Edit

Ugg, Stone Age Doctor Edit

Tattoo & trepanning treatments

Art Show Edit

Caveman Art Show Edit

Preserving the head of a dead relative

Woeful Second World War Edit

Mary, the heroic carrier pigeon (animated)

Prisoner of War Camp Edit

The commandant of a German POW camp tries to keep a determined British officer from escaping

Slimy Stuarts Edit

Stupid Deaths Edit

Francis Bacon Edit

My Stuart Family Edit

My Stuart Family tries to keep up with the neighbours with the help of some exotic new foods; a parody of My Family

Awful Egyptians Edit


King Pepi’s Super Sticky Anti-Fly Honey Slave Edit

Imagine Spot Edit

An over-entitled pharaoh insists on the invention of the pyramid

Twisted Fairytales Edit

“The Princess and the Pea” (eliminating rivals to the throne)

Terrible Tudors Edit

This is Your Reign Edit

King Henry VIII Edit

King Henry VIII reunites with his friends, advisors & wives–too bad he’s had most of them executed

Song Edit

The Wives of Henry VIII: Divorced Beheaded & Died Edit
Main article: The Wives of Henry VIII: Divorced Beheaded & DiedKing Henry VIII sings about his marriage to each of his six wives.

Cast Edit

Measly Middle Ages Savage Stone Age Woeful Second World War Slimy Stuarts Awful Egyptians Terrible Tudors
Shouty Man Middle-Aged Public Toilets Historical Hospital Art Show Mary, the heroic carrier pigeon Prisoner of War Camp Stupid Deaths My Stuart Family Advertisement Imagine Spot Twisted Fairytales This is Your Reign Song
Mathew Baynton x
Simon Farnaby x
Sarah Hadland
Martha Howe-Douglas
Jim Howick x
Laurence Rickard
Ben Willbond x x
Lisa Devlin
Susie Donkin
Javone Prince
Steve Punt
George Sawyer
Giles Terera
Katy Wix
Terry Deary
Meera Syal x
Rattus Rattus (voiced by John Eccleston)
Jon Culshaw
Jess Robinson


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