Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 12
Season One, Episode Twelve
Air date 2 July 2009
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Horrible Histories Series 1, Episode 12 is the twelth Horrible Histories (TV series) episode and first aired on the 2nd July 2009 on the CBBC.

This episode includes a Victorian teacher being confused by her pupils' bizarre names, the Romans running out of animals to execute, and Queen Victoria advertising her exercise DVD.

The sketches that are featured are:

Smashing Saxons: Saxon Mealtime Charades and The Monk Art Show

Vile Victorians: Victorian Names and The Queen Victoria Workout

Rotten Romans: Titus' Animal Absence and Execution Animals 'r' Us

Measly Middle Ages: Twisted Fairytales: The Ugly Duckling the Middle Ages version, and The Earl of Warick's Dinner Party

Groovy Greeks: The Brainy Greeks song, The First Play Ever and Stupid Deaths: Aeschylus

Woeful Second World War: The Evacuees, Hitler Youth ad and Hitler Rumours