Horrible Histories - Series 1, Episode 11
Season One, Episode Eleven
Air date 25 June 2009
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Horrible Histories Series 1, Episode 11 is the eleventh Horrible Histories (TV series) episode and first aired on the 25th June 2009 on the CBBC.

This episode includes Queen Victoria learning that her British comforts are not very British, a Viking warrior who won't stop talking in rhyme, and 'Axe Factor', where the contestants try to become executioners.

The sketches that are featured are:

Terrible Tudors: Oh Yea! Royal Special and Rattus fantasizes : The Axe Factor

Groovy Greeks: Stupid Deaths: Pausanius, The Court of Historical Law and Twisted Fairytales: Sleeping Beauty

Vile Victorians: HHTV News: Bob Hale's British Empire Report and the song British Things

Vicious Vikings: Viking Words and Viking Rhymes

Slimy Stuarts: Bonfire Safety Tips with Guy Fawkes and HHTV News: Civil War Breakout

Measly Middle Ages: Stupid Deaths: The Gory Middle Ages and Ready Steady Feast: Live from the Siege of Órleans

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