Historical Hospital


Historical Hospital




Place where sick people get better

The Historical Hospital: Is like any other hospital, people go there to get treated for injuries or illnesses.  Unlike other hospitals, the doctors here are transported from different historical periods.

Doctors and NursesEdit

When a patient is being by a historical doctor, the doctor usually has crazy cures that only make the patient's condition worse.  The nurses there try to spare the patients of the doctors's wacky treatments.  The most reoccurring Nurse works in both the emergency ward and regular parts of the hospital.  Another reoccurring nurse is Anne Saunders, though her name is only mentioned once.

IMG 6793
IMG 5022

Unnamed nurse in Emergency ward

These are some of the historical doctors that work at the Hospital:

  • Dr.Montague Fuzzlepeck, Georgian doctor(portrayed by Mat Baynton)
  • Dr. Claudius Gallar, Roman doctor(portrayed by Lawry Lewin)
  • Dr.Ushma, Ariabian healer from the 1100s(portrayed by Alexei Sayle)
IMG 6794


There are also a few normal doctors that work at the hospital, though the patients are rarely lucky to be treated by them.  Dr. Jenkins, who is played by Larry Rickard, attempts to treat a Mrs. Carter.

IMG 6795

Dr. Jenkins

IMG 6796

The unnamed doctor

A doctor, whose name is unknown and portrayed by Ben Willbond, attempts to treat a patient that has a problem in his blood vessel, before Dr.Ugh shows up.


  • Hippocrates was transported here to treat a patient with a bad cough, and had her treated by having a Nurse Saunders violently shake her up and down.
  • In the Emergency ward, One Eyed Ned amputated a soccer player's leg as a cure for a cut 
  • Jeff and Nigel, historical paramedics, are dispatched from here, to go help someone
  • Larry Rickard portrays a hospitalized patient regularly, Unlike the other regular patient, Martha Howe-Douglas plays patients that have a name, but the name is never the same.

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