Horrible Historians

  • Mery from the Cotswolds
  • Haider from South Wales
  • Holly from Norwich

Gory Grid: Terrible Tudors


Shakespeare question:

Plague question:

Beauty Treatments question:

Cooks question:

Winner of first quiz: Holly

Tudor all play game: Groom of the Stool

Winner of game: Holly

Gory Grid: Savage Stone Age


Drink prop question:

Clothes question:

Neaderthals question:

Otzi question:

Winner of second quiz: Holly

Stone Age single player game:

Gory Grid: Measly Middle Ages


Food question:

William I question:

Sieges question:

Cures question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of final quiz: Holly

Middle Age single player game: Pig Piano

Gory Grid: Vile Victorians

All play Victorian end game: Graverobbers

Winner of end game: Haider

Holly's final score: 7,015

Haider's final score: 1,845

Mery's final score: 0

Winner: Holly