Horrible Historians

  • Sas from Staffordshire
  • Zak from London
  • Annabel from Hertfordshire

Gory Grid: Groovy Greeks


Olympics question:

Sacrifices question:

Evil Spirits question:

Weddings question:

Winner of first quiz: Annabel

Greek single player silly game:

Gory Grid: Vile Victorians


Potatoes prop question:

Prisons question:

Food question:

Maids question:

Winner of second quiz: Annabel

Victorian all play scary game:

Winner of game: Sas

Gory Grid: Measly Middle Ages


Superstitions question:

Cures question:

Takeaways question:

Peasants' Revolt question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of final quiz: Annabel

Middle Age single player brainy game: Pig Piano

Gory Grid: Rotten Romans

All play Roman end game:

Winner of end game: Sas

Annabel's final score: 6,337

Zak's final score: 0

Sas' final score: 2,733

Winner: Annabel