Horrible Historians

  • Lewis from Essex
  • Amelie from London
  • Oscar from Yorkshire

Gory Grid: Groovy Greeks


Spartans question:

Myths question:

Athens prop question:

Sacrifices question:

Winner of first quiz: Oscar

Greek single player scary game:

Gory Grid: Slimy Stuarts


Crime question:

Oliver Cromwell question:

King James I question:

Queen Christina question:

Winner of second quiz: Oscar

Stuart all play silly game:

Winner of game: Oscar

Gory Grid: Savage Stone Age


Archaeology question:

Australia question:

Hunting question:

Neanderthals question:

Winner of final quiz: Amelie

Stone Age single player brainy game: Hastag Stone Age

Gory Grid: Terrible Tudors

All play Tudor end game: Groom of the Stool

Winner of end game: Oscar

Oscar's final score: 5,553

Amelie's final score: 2,885

Lewis' final score: 0

Winner: Oscar