Horrible Historians

  • Rehab from London
  • Robbie from Rugby
  • Charlotte from Preston

Gory Grid: Vicious Vikings


Viking Words question:

Kings question:

Battles question:

Weddings question:

Winner of first quiz: Charlotte

Viking all play silly game:

Winner of game: Rehab

Gory Grid: Measly Middle Ages


William I question:

Mealtimes question:

Punishments question:

Winner of second quiz: Rehab

Middle Age single player silly game: Pig Piano

Gory Grid: Vile Victorians


Toilets question:

Gadgets prop question:

Dinner Parties question:

Horses question:

Winner of final quiz: Robbie

Victorian single player scary game:

Gory Grid: Slimy Stuarts

All play Stuart end game:

Winner of end game: Charlotte

Charlotte's final score: 1,751

Robbie's final score: 1,957

Rehab's final score: -42,336

Winner: Robbie

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