Horrible Historians

  • Eden from Shropshire
  • Kiera from Wiltshire
  • Jacob from Cardiff

Gory Grid: Vile Victorians


Queen Victoria question:

Surgeons question:

Hunting question:

Words question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of first quiz: Jacob

Victorian single player scary game: Factory Fingers

Gory Grid: Awful Egyptians


Ramesses II question:

Cleopatra question:

Army question:

Hunting prop question:

Winner of second quiz: Kiera

Egyptian all play brainy game: Pyramid Puzzle

Winner of game: Jacob

Gory Grid: Rotten Romans


Music question:

Punishments question:

Baths question:

Dog Bites question:

Winner of final quiz: Eden

Roman single player gory game:

Gory Grid: Vicious Vikings

All play Viking end game: Viking Attack

Winner of end game: Kiera

Jacob's final score: 5,089

Kiera's final score: 1,862

Eden's final score: 1,305

Winner: Jacob