Horrible Historians

  • Charlotte from London
  • Matt from Chichester
  • Katya from London

Gory Grid: Frightful First World War


Nicknames question:

Laws prop question:

Beds question:

The French question:

Winner of first quiz: Charlotte

First World War single player silly game:

Gory Grid: Nasty Knights


Battles death question:

Tournaments question:

German Knights question:

First Crusade question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of second quiz: Matt

Knight all play silly game: Lance-A-Lot!

Winner of game: Charlotte

Gory Grid: Awful Egyptians


Toilets question:

The Afterlife question:

Ramesses II question:

Hair question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of final quiz: Katya

Egyptian single player scary game: Mummify Me

Gory Grid: Measly Middle Ages

All play Middle Age end game:

Winner of end game: Matt

Katya's final score: 1,891

Matt's final score: 1,369

Charlotte's final score: 2,944

Winner: Charlotte

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