Horrible Historians

  • Samuel from London
  • Leah from Lancashire
  • Rohan from London

Gory Grid: Frightful First World War


Pilots question:

Pianos question:

Farmhouse question:

Regent's Park question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of first quiz: Sam

First World War single player silly game:

Gory Grid: Vicious Vikings


Weddings question:

Fires question:

Seals prop question:

Laws question:

Winner of second quiz: Rohan

Viking all play silly game: I'm a Viking, Get Me Out of Ear!

Winner of game: Leah

Gory Grid: Rotten Romans


Claudius death question:

Elephants question:

Bears question:

Warts question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of final quiz: Sam

Roman single player gory game:

Gory Grid: Slimy Stuarts

All play Stuart end game: London's Burning

Winner of end game: Leah

Rohan's final score: 1,969

Leah's final score: 1,069

Sam's final score: -7,809

Winner: Rohan

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