Horrible Historians

  • Jasmine
  • Greg
  • Monica

Gory Grid: Putrid Pirates


Punishments question:

Pirate Talk question:

Messages question:

Blackbeard question:

Tie-breaker question:

Winner of first quiz: Greg

Pirate all play messy game: Pirate Treasure

Winner of game: Greg

Gory Grid: Rotten Romans


Hygiene question:

Sport question:

Britain prop question:

Punishment question:

Winner of second quiz: Greg

Roman single player brainy game:

Gory Grid: Vile Victorians

Categories: Gadgets, Cures, Criminals & Cars

Criminals question:

Gadgets prop question:

Cures question:

Cars question:

Winner of final quiz: Monica

Victorian single player brainy game:

Gory Grid: Measly Middle Ages

All play Middle Age end game:

Winner of end game: Monica

Jasmine's final score: 0

Greg's final score: 3,027

Monica's final score: 513

Winner: Greg

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