New Edition of Frightful First World War


Terry Deary

Original title

The Frightful First World War


Martin Brown

Cover artist

Martin Brown


Main Series



Publication date

20th of November 1998


128 (Original), 144 (Book Makeover), 240 (New Edition)

Chapter count



9781407138916 (new edition)

Frightful First World War Cover

Frightful First World War is a Horrible Histories book written by Terry Deary that is based on World War I and was first published on the 20th of November 1998. It was republished in a new look on the 6th of August 2007. Each chapter is based on each year of WWI.


History with the nasty bits left in!

Want to know:

  • Why a pair of old socks gave away top German secrets?
  • How sniffing your own pee could save your life in a gas attack?
  • What the 'Fat King' did with food scraps and dead horses?
Discover all the foul facts about the Frightful First World War - All the gore and more!

First edition of Frightful First World War.


  • Introduction - 5
  • 1914 - The Year of The First Shot - 13
  • 1915 - The Year of Total War - 23
  • 1916 - The Year of The Somme -49
  • 1917 - The Year of The Mud - 64
  • 1918 - The Year of Exhaustion - 90
  • Epilogue - 127
  • Grisly Quiz - 129
  • Interesting Index - 136

Additional InfoEdit

  • ISBN: 1407103024
  • Paperback
  • 144 Pages
  • Releases: 20th November 1998 (Original Edition) and 6th August 2007
  • Author: Terry Deary
  • Illustrator: Martin Brown
  • Age Range: 8-12
  • Dimensions: 13 x 0.8 x 19.7 CM

Covers for Frightful First World WarEdit

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