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Matthew Baynton

IMG 5996

FF host with Trustan, a Celtic warrior

"Hiya fashion fans and welcome to Historical Fashion Fix, this week I'll be making over a..." -Fashion host

Fashion Fix Host: Is the host of Historical Fashion Fix.  He does makeovers on poor people from different eras, making them have the popular fashion appearance of their time (for instance, a medieval peasant into a medieval lord)


He hosts Historical Fashion Fix. He is also a fashion designer.  He is a reoccurring character


He acts like the typical fashion designer.  He explains all the parts of the outfit that his model is wearing.  He often snaps his fingers


He wears big silver framed glasses.  This host wears a variety of shirts, however his black coat is always the same.  He often wears a couple of necklaces or bracelets


  • He has a friend, Tudor Barber Bob the Barber, who is a medieval barber and surgeon
  • His name is never revealed
  • He is supposed to look like famous designer, Yves St.Laurent
  • He always snaps his fingers

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