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Dr.De'ath and Dr.Do'om

"It's Dr.Do-om, they got it wrong, it actually has an apostrophe, so…" -Dr.Do'om

Dr. De'ath (Lawry Lewin) is a variation of the Grim Reaper, he works with his colleague Dr. Do'om(Jim Howick).


The two run a british, historical ,medical business, determining if the illness or injury of a patient is fatal. Unlike the doctors at Historical Hospital, Dr.Do'om doesn't try to cure the client, instead he usually makes the client's condition worse. After that, Dr.Do'om calls in Dr.De'ath to take the fatally ill patient. Both are reoccurring


Dr. Do'om is humorous and somewhat nice and corrects patients's mispronunciation of his name. Dr. De'ath is much the same.


Dr. De'ath looks like the Grim Reaper(that hosts Stupid Deaths), while Dr.Do'om has a tan tunic under a dark green cape and brown hair cut in a bob cut.


-Dr. Do'om's clients usually pronounce his name on his name block as Dr.Doom, but actually his name is pronounced Doctor Do-om(Say Doctor Duh- oh-m) - They forgot to add in an apostrophe between the first "o" and the second one on Dr.Do'om's name block