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Makeover edition of Dark Knights and Dingy Castles (2011)

Dark Knights and Dingy Castles is a Horrible Histories Special book about Knights and Castles.

Original Edition of Dark Knightd and Dingy Castles

It was first published on the 20th of June 1997 and was republished in a new look on the 7th of February 2011. The new look edition (Cover Makeover Edition) features a knight saying "I hate the knight shift"


It's history with the nasty bits left in! Want to know:

  • Why one nutty knight chopped off his own finger?
  • The revolting truth about about a gong-farmer's job?
  • What went in gruesome castle garderobes?

Discover the foul facts that make the history of KNIGHTS AND CASTLES so horrible - all the gore and more!


  • Introduction - 7
  • Timeline - 10
  • Dark Knights - 15
  • Terrific Tournaments - 48
  • Cruel Crusades - 71
  • Battles and blood - 94
  • Dingy Castles - 116
  • Dreadful Dungeons - 130
  • Clever Castles - 138
  • Creepy Castles - 145
  • Savage Sieges - 156
  • Epilogue - 173

Additional InfoEdit

  • ISBN: 9781407111834
  • For ages 8+
  • Paperback
  • 176 Pages
  • Releases: 20th June 1997 (Original Edition) and 7th February 2011 (Makeover Edition)
  • Author: Terry Deary
  • Illustrators: Philip Reeve and Martin Brown (Martin Brown for cover of makeover edition)
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 1.1 x 21.6 CM

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