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New Edition of Cut-Throat Celts


Terry Deary

Original title

The Cut-Throat Celts


Martin Brown

Cover artist

Martin Brown


Main Series



Publication date

18th of April 1997


128 (Original), 144 (Book Makeover), 240 (New Edition)

Chapter count



9781407139203 (new edition)

Cut-Throat Celts cover

The cover of the 2007 edition

Cut-Throat Celts is one of the Horrible History books that was written by Terry Deary and was published in 1997, then like most other Horrible History books, it was re-published in 2007. It contains all the history of the Celts in England from 750 B.C. to 520 A.D. and includes information about how they lived, their crimes and punishments and their religious beliefs. In the Horrible Histories TV show the cut-throat celts is a rare segment not appearing on the show often.


It's history with the nasty bits left in

Want to know:

  • Why weird with no clothes on?
  • preserve your weird brain?
  • Why the weird Celts laughed a weird funeral

Discover all the weird

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