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Laurence Rickard

"BUT NOT FOR LONG!!!" - Bob Hale

"Thank You Sam" - Bob Hale

Bobert Robert Hale.

Laurence Rickard saying Bob Hale's real name.

Laurence Rickard telling a Fan Bob Hale's Real name.

"Bob" Hale: Is the in studio reporter for HHTV news.  Hale reports on historical events like Mike Peabody, but instead of being live on the scene, Bob reports the events using a broadcast screen.  Bob Hale is portrayed by Laurence Rickard.


Hale was born and brought up in the United Kingdom. He had at least two girlfriends, the first one named Lucy (in reference to Lucy the first human), while the name of the second one is not revealed.[N 1] He would rather forget about her. “A bit like my second girlfriend which I’d rather forget.” While on the air, Hale often gets off topic from the report he's presenting. Bob Hale is a reoccurring character


Bob Hale is an energetic old man. He has a great sense of humor to the viewer, but the "audience" often scold his own jokes.


Bob is an aging man that wears a black suit, with a tie, when he is broadcasting. He wears cream laced shoes


During Bob's reports, he often makes references to his relatives

  • Nana Bob-Bob's grandmother
  • Ted Hale-Bob's cousin
  • Kathon-Bob's cousin
  • Lucy-Bob's first girlfriend
  • Jesse-Bob's aunt
  • Un-named second girlfriend
  • Un-named great grandfather-Nana Bob's father who was a blind dart player


  • Bob died on the air, falling to the floor,  only to get up a few seconds later explaining it was heartburn
  • Bob is allergic to a type of feta cheese
  • His cousin, Ted Hale, runs a dry cleaners in Liverpool, shirts are half price on Wednesdays
  • Bob's nan is at least 99 years of age
  • He loves Sam, the woman who begins the report by saying what is it about then says "with Bob Hale , Bob? ", as Bob revealed in the space race report.  “Goodbye Sam, I’ve always loved you.”
  • Bob Hale is right-handed while his actor appears possibly ambidextrous (left and right handed)
  • Laurence Rickard (Bob's actor) believes that Bob would become annoying in the first 4 minutes of being with him.
  • Bob often refers to himself as Bobsy. “Well done Bobsy.”
  • He wrote a book called Bob's Big Book Of Interesting Facts which used to cost £12.99 
  • You get a free Bob Hale action figure when you buy Bob's Big Book Of Interesting Facts, which is now £2.99

  • He saved a signed copy of Bob's Big Book Of Interesting Facts for Sam
  • He has a birthmark in the shape of Britain
  • His cousin Kathon wears trousers made of bacon
  • His aunt Jesse is 3 meters tall with arms like oak trees
  • He wore a pink tie to the Horrible Histories Prom



  1. Bob stated that he doesn't like talking about his second girlfriend, as he wants to forget about her.