Bo Baynton: Is the son of Mathew Baynton
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Bo Baynton as HIS royal highness, Mary Queen of Scots


Bo was born in the spring of 2011. He has a little sister born in 2016, Ida. Baynton tries to keep Bo and Ida out of the spotlight, however Bo possibly made a cameo in his father’s series Yonderland as the boy who receive King Bernard’s first charity coin. Baynton has raised awareness about breaking gender barriers after Bo was mocked in the park for wearing a pink bicycle helmet. Baynton gas states that he is for letting his son express his likes and dislikes freely without categorising toys and colours in a girl and boy category.


Bo with his father and Jim Howick

Bo with his father, and Jim Howick

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Bo (before his debut) with father Mat and most likely his mother

Relating to Horrible HistoriesEdit

As an infant Bo portrayed the infant Mary Queen of Scotland.


He likely portrayed a poor child who accepted King Bernard's single charity coin and won over King Bernard's heart thus motivating him to give away most of his possessions.

Bo Baynton

Boy who highly resembles Bo Baynton in Yonderland