Biographies of reoccurring characters:

Characters that appear constantly that are from the present ( or play the same role in numerous time periods) and have interactions with people from past eras. These characters are mainly played by the 6 main actors of Horrible Histories.

  • Bob Hale
  • Mike Peabody
  • Sam
  • other HHTV news crew members
  • Nurse
  • Grim Reaper
  • Nurse Mandy
  • unnamed patient
  • Shouty man
  • Historical Make show host and apprentice
  • The Historical Dating agency
  • Historical mastercheif judges
  • Fashion Fix host
  • Cliff Whitely
  • Vincenzo Larfoff
  • Dr.Do'om and Dr. De'ath
  • Rattus Rattus
  • Jeff and Nigel
  • Anne Saunders
  • Pet store owner
  • Historical Hospital
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