2007 book makeover edition of Awesome Egyptians


Terry Deary and Peter Hepplewhite

Original title

The Awesome Egyptians


Martin Brown

Cover artist

Martin Brown


Main Series



Publication date

18th of June 1993


128 (Original), 144 (Book Makeover)

Chapter count



9780439944038 (makeover edition)

Awesome Egyptians is a book by Terry Deary. It was published in 1993, making it the oldest Horrible Histories book, alongside Terrible Tudors.

In 2007, Awesome Egyptians was republished with a new look and new content along with the other core books in the series.

Book DescriptionEdit

They’re not called the Awesome Egyptians for nothing! The foul pharaohs and their suffering slaves got up to all sorts of terrible tricks. Read this book to…

  • Meet some fabulous pharaohs… and their mummies
  • Make revolting recipes for 3000 year old sweets
  • Discover which king had the most blackheads
  • Find out why some pharaohs wore false beards
  • Learn to become an Ancient Egyptian in 10 not-so-easy steps!

If you like your history horrible, the Awesome Egyptians and their moaning mummies have it all wrapped up! Aaaarrrrgh!


Additional infoEdit

  • Item format: Book Paper or Softback
  • ISBN: 9780439944038
  • 144 pages
  • For ages 8+

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