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Anne Saunders


Anne Saunders


Historical Hospital




Sarah Hadland

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Anne Saunders

Nurse Anne Saunders: Is a sensible nurse that works at the Historical Hospital


Saunders works as a full time rescuer of the patients who are being treated by crazy historical doctor.  She is a reoccurring character at the Historical Hospital.


She questions some doctors's treatments, other times she fulfills the doctors's needs and commands. Despite this, she is a regular nurse.


Unlike the other Nurse, Saunders only works in the regular part of the hospital. She has gold, red hair with a nurses cap on top and a blue nurse uniform.


  • Dr. Fuzzlepeck kept calling her a "sir"
  • She used a stone age axe to knock out Dr.Ugh. She had to reach across an unconcious patient in bed(climb onto the bed), to knock the caveman out,  reviving the patient.

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